There are a couple of things you need to have as a golfer. You need to know what kinds of golf clubs you should get, what types of golf balls to purchase,the gadgets and apps that can help you play golf better.


There are different types of golf clubs for different stages of golfing. You need a golf club that will help you achieve higher handicap. A good driver; a long-shafted, large-headed wooden club, can cover far distance from the tee box.Ensure you check the flex of the club shaft. Ions and hybrids are shorter golf clubs that you need for your lay-up, approach, pith and chip. You can get brand new or used clubs depending on your budget. Golf coupons are available at

When buying a driver, shorter is better than longer, closed is better than neutral. Many of today's golf drivers are sold with shafts 45 inches or longer; the average driver on the PGA Tour is 44.5 inches. What do the golf pros know that you don't? The longer the club, the harder it is to hit squarely. Anyway you slice it, shorter is better with woods. Speaking of slicing, a fault likely caused by an open clubface at impact, getting fitted for a driver with a closed face angle will help.

Consider making your 3-wood your "driver." Do you hit your 3-wood as far as your driver? Then you do not have enough loft on your driver. For most people, even 11 degrees of loft isnĀ¹t enough, so why not buy a 3-, 5-, 7-wood combination instead of the traditional driver, 3-, 5-wood configuration and put three clubs in the bag that will actually help you? Most guys could drop five strokes with just that simple change.