Marathons are not easy buy it is much easier than you may think. Most people assume that you have to be an elite athlete, young and very fit but let me tell you that with proper training ANYBODY can run a marathon.


Running casually or in a Marathon is not only a great exercise to become fit, but an incredible way to take your mind off work or school. Many people who enjoy running casually many times start participating in Marathons which are extremely rewarding. If you would like a running partner use the site Fit Dating, the are also a few more fitness dating sites listed at

The biggest tip for runners is invest in a good pair of running shoes. There’s no one shoe that works for everyone, so you may have to try a few pairs out. Another tip is to make sure to fuel and hydrate properly. You don’t want to feel real full or starving before a run. Eat a light meal or snack one-two hours in advance. You want healthy carbs, fat and protein.

Another tip is to run outside as much as possible. Mix up your terrain, try some hills, and even train on your upcoming race course, if possible. Treadmills are good for training, but can get boring.

Running is a mental, as much as a physical, sport. It’s easy to “think” yourself into stopping and walking. A little trick is the “counting game." When you feel like slowing down or stopping, set a number of steps to count as you keep running, like around 50.